How to survive the age of distractions

With all the gadgets and endless sources of information it is very challenging to put everything down and just… read. Cell phones, laptops, Facebook, twitter. All these things can be incredible tools and sources of information and encouragement. Yet they are distracting us to death. Johaan Hari recently wrote an article about the distractions that readers face today.  The article has some great advice and explores some of the consequences of the “digital age” that we live in.

“The book – the physical paper book – is being circled by a shoal of sharks, with sales down 9 per cent this year alone. It’s being chewed by the e-book. It’s being gored by the death of the bookshop and the library. And most importantly, the mental space it occupied is being eroded by the thousand Weapons of Mass Distraction that surround us all. It’s hard to admit, but we all sense it: it is becoming almost physically harder to read books.”

To read the rest of the article click here.


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