Free Puritan Kindle Books

I love puritan writers. I admire their dedication to and love for the Christian life. I greatly esteem the way they loved, lived and breathed the Holy Scriptures. And I aspire to dive deep into the depths of biblical theology as they did. My dear friend Ben Zornes, who also shares a love of puritans, first ignited my interest in these men and their writings. He has often said that the reason he loved the puritans is because they seemed to have a spiritual finger on their pulse, that is to say, they had a constant watch on what their desires, affections, lives and theology were focused on.

So you can imagine my excitement when the guys at Bring the Books posted a collection of free puritan books on their blog. Please check them out.

“The very design of the gospel doth tend to self-abasing; and the work of grace is begun and carried on in humiliation. Humility is not a mere ornament of a Christian, but an essential part of the new creature: it is a contradiction to be a sanctified man, or a true Christian, and not humble.” ~ Richard Baxter


One response to “Free Puritan Kindle Books

  • Mal

    I’m also a great avid reader and admirer of ‘Puritan’ books and the writers of these books. They were truly great humble men of God, whom this generation could greatly learn from. I am truly amazed and convicted how these men of God spent so much time with their God in prayer and ministry and yet were able to write volumes of truly great books on the Christian life with no electricity or modern conveniences and comforts we have today, their lives are truly astonishing and glorifying to the God whom they served. If only I could be the same!

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