Heaven is for real… Well Duh.

Here is an excellent article written by Clint Archer about the newest book on someone’s experience in heaven. This one is about a 4-year-old who claims to have went to heaven. There seems to be quite a few of these books coming out lately. And I honestly find them kind of ridiculous. Mr. Archer points out some problems with these books and makes a good point; that they really serve no purpose. The Bible already shows us that heaven is real. We don’t necessarily need a book about a 4 year old’s experience to know for sure.

“This “non-fiction” bestseller has done embarrassingly well. Not that the Burpos are embarrassed, they’ve gone on TV News stations to promo their product. It’s the evangelical world that is shuffling its feet. What do we do now? It’s not like we don’t believe in heaven. But do we really want Colton Burpo as our Exhibit A in the case for eternity?  So how do Christians who already believe heaven is for real deal with claims from people who appear to be on our side? Do we add them to our menagerie of evidences that the Bible is true? Do we stock this account next to the Shroud of Turin, the Ark-shaped mountaintop, and that big skeleton that Goliath supposedly used?

Here is a what I hope is a helpful suggestion on how to respond when people make claims expecting you to believe them…
The Nutshell: “Heaven is for real…well, duh, of course it’s real, God said so. Am I more/less convinced that it’s real because a toddler says so? No. I already have the more sure word of God (2 Pet 1:19).”

Read 2 Peter 1:16-21 (text found below this article). Follow Peter’s argument: “I didn’t make up the story about the mount of Transfiguration; I actually did hear the audible voice of God confirming that Jesus is the Messiah. But I don’t expect you to accept that. What I do expect you to pay attention to is the more sure word, the Bible.”

When someone claims to have a mystical experience, I would start by believing the best (perhaps they aren’t lying but truly believe it), but I would also take them to this passage and try to explain that personal experience is unsure, untouchable, and unverifiable.”

To read the rest of the article click here.


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