Foundations of Grace by Steven Lawson

Steven Lawson is the senior pastor of Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile, Ala., and this is the first book in new series published by Reformation Trust.  With this series Lawson will survey the long line of godly men throughout the ages that have proclaimed the doctrines of grace. Foundations of Grace, being the first book, starts at the beginning of time and then moves through the bible in canonical order, starting with Genesis and moving on through to Revelation.

John MacArthur wrote a 13 page forward to this book entitled “Divine Immutability and the Doctrines of Grace.” This is probably the best forward to any book I’ve read. It alone clarified and presented the doctrines of Grace in incredible way through the Trinity-in-eternity understanding of the “promise of redemption”. Excellent stuff.

Throughout the book Steven Lawson travels through the bible, pointing out and explaining the sections of scripture upon which Reformed theologians have based their understanding of God’s sovereign salvation. He does an excellent job of proving false the idea that the Calvinist idea of salvation is merely a logical system that has no real foundation in scriptures. Lawson is a master expositor and he writes very well . You can sense the passion that he has for truth through his writing.

Steven Lawson writes, “This survey from cover to cover in the Bible will lay an immovable foundation for the sovereign grace of God.” I believe that is exactly what he accomplishes with this book. This is a masterful work and it will definitely be one that I re-read many times.

“Never has the need been greater for the truths of sovereign grace to be firmly established in the church. … Let us now embark on this God-exalting, Christ-honoring pursuit. Ultimately, our view of God is at stake. It will affect everything. May we elevate Him in our hearts to the highest place, which belongs exclusively to Him. To God alone be the glory forever and ever. Amen.”

I would like to thank Reformation Trust for providing this review copy.


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