A storm

This past afternoon I was sitting on the porch at Ellerslie, reading a book and enjoying God’s beautiful creation. There was a storm coming in and the wind was blowing through the trees. Rain was gently misting down to the ground. The lake was reflecting the dark and moody colors of the sky. And there was a group of five pelicans slowly circling around the lake. It was stunning to see such a simple, yet breathtakingly beautiful display of God’s glory. I was tremendously blessed to see nature sing such glorious praises to God. Psalm 148 was revealed to me in an entirely new way.

“Praise him, sun and moon,

praise him, all you shining stars!

Praise him, you highest heavens,

and you waters above the heavens!

Let them praise the name of the Lord!

For he commanded and they were created.

Praise the Lord from the earth,

you great sea creatures and all deeps,

fire and hail, snow and mist,

stormy wind fulfilling his word!”

– Psalm 148: 3-5,7

The book I was reading was “The Pleasures of God” by John Piper (an excellent book) and in it Piper was talking about God delighting in His creation. And in one section Piper pointed out something that I found quite profound.

God certainly uses creation to testify to us about His glory and holiness (Romans 1:19-23). However, Piper pointed out that in Psalm 148 there is the phrase “Praise the Lord from the earth, you great sea creatures and all deeps,”. We humans are not able to be within the deeps (naturally that is), observing the praises that the great sea creatures sing forth. They are there merely for God to enjoy. This was such a revelation to me. God didn’t just create creation for our enjoyment. He formed it for His enjoyment as well.


4 responses to “A storm

  • Renny

    I love that insight, Chase. God does give us good things for our pleasure and the simple beauty of His creation is at the top of the list…and that it’s not for us only. From the time I was a child, it has been the earthly elements that have pointed me to Him…the animal kingdom, weather, majestic beauty from the intricate design of a leaf to the orange/pink sunrise draping the snow capped mountain peaks. Our God is, indeed, an awesome and generous God.

  • NRJohnson

    Wow! What a profound thought. Love it! It is amazing to think of all the “secret” things God has crafted in order to give Himself the glory – hidden caverns with jewels that no one has ever seen, depths in the oceans, heights in the skies, distances in galaxies nearby – merely for His pleasure. Wow. Thanks for posting!

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