Ascend The Hill – Hymns: Take The World, But Give Me Jesus

I try to like worship music. I really try. However, it is very hard to find original and innovative worship music. I don’t mind Chris Tomlin, but there are so many bands that sound exactly the same as he does. And it gets a just little bit old after a while. Then there are bands like Casting Crowns who have some truly great  lyrics, yet musically they are somewhat lacking in the diversity and innovation department. So I really try to like worship music, but I generally don’t like most of what comes out of the Christian music industry.

Thankfully, there are bands like Ascend The Hill who create passionate, thought-provoking and original music. And their latest album, Hymns: Take The World, But Give Me Jesus, is no exception. Ascend The Hill took several well-known hymns, and some less well-known ones as well, and created a masterpiece.

Hymns, in general, have incredibly deep and profound lyrics that are theologically sound and create such deep affections in one’s soul for God. I dearly love hymns. And Ascend The Hill took these spiritually and intellectually moving hymns and infused them with their unique and extremely talented musicianship. Yet neither does Ascend The Hill completely reinvent these iconic songs. They still pay homage to these pillars of worship. While at the same time creating something new and creative.

Ascend The Hill’s Hymns: Take The World, But Give Me Jesus is an incredible album. It has quickly become my favorite worship album and placed Ascend The Hill on my top 5 favorite artist list. It moves your heart and mind to an extraordinary place of worship and adoration. I cannot recommend this album enough! Please go down download  it for free off the Come&Live! website.

Here is a video of them performing the song “Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go”.


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