I love lakes. I love the gentle lapping of its waves on the shore. I love the way the reeds sway in the water. I love when a pelican comes gliding majestically down through the air to land in the water. I love the sailboats and the way they seem to bring back a piece of an older age. And most of all I love it when the light reflects of the gently stirring depths of the water.

I think the reflection of light on a lake is a great example of what nature is.  A lake is a beautiful thing. It can inspire awe and wonder within us through its beauty and majesty. Yet it isn’t the true source of beauty. Just like water doesn’t really have light coming from its depths, neither does nature have true beauty. It only reflects the true source of beauty; our most sovereign and majestic God.

I think this can be applied not just to nature, but to many other areas of life. There are many things that can show beauty and truth. A good song, book, or piece of art. A delicious meal shared with family and friends. I have to constantly remind myself that these things of creation should always turn my eyes to the creator. They should always reflect the true source of light.

Another example would be when I hear a great sermon from a pastor, or read a book by Edwards or C.S. Lewis. These things can be incredibly challenging, encouraging and thought-provoking. Yet it is so easy to place a humans words on the same level as the scriptures.  It is important to realize that the things of this world can at best only reflect the truth and beauty that comes from God almighty. None is the true source, only a meager reflection of the unfathomable depths found within our God. Staring at a beautiful mountain vista, or an awe-inspiring Colorado sunset should always turn our inward eyes upon God, the true source of beauty and perfection.


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