A package

I love books. Probably a little too much at times. I start way too many at one time, often switching between 4 or so books in a couple of hours. The thought of putting all of my books except one upon on a shelf, and then make each wait it’s turn to be read seems …. just wrong. So I end up always reading from a constant stack of books. I finish one book and then grab another new one, or maybe two. It mostly depends upon my mood.

I also love receiving books in the mail. There is something about opening up the mailbox, or stepping out onto my porch, and seeing a brown package from amazon.com sitting  there. Just waiting for me to open it.  It sets my heart to joyous singing (OK, I’ll admit this might be a slight exaggeration, but it’s fairly close to the truth).

So you can imagine my feelings when I received a package in the mail today. Want to know what was inside?

The first book I received was The Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul. I’m very excited to start reading this one. Dr. Sproul is quickly becoming one of my favorite preachers and authors.

The second thing I received was The Essential Edwards Collection by Owen Strachan & Doug Sweeney.  I’ve recently become very fascinated with Jonathan Edwards, his life as well as theology. And this seemed like the perfect place to start researching this incredible man’s life and doctrine.


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