Sorry that I haven’t made a post in quite a while (obviously). I have been helping out with some things at Ellerslie and have been learning some valuable and painful lessons on how to best use my time (mostly by trial and error).

However, I wanted to inform you all  about fairly new record label called Come&Live! records: They are a non-profit community whose goal is to proclaim the good news of Jesus. Some of my favorite artists are signed with Come&Live. Artists like: Ascend the Hill, I Am Alpha & Omega, Showbread and Preson Phillips. Since they are non-profit their artists are free to create original and genuine music and not be forced by a record label into making “popular” music that sells well and will be played on the radio (I deeply despise most music played on the radio). Thus they are some of the most talented artists out there, creating some amazing music.

They also recently made a film documenting their first international tour. This 30 minute film is very moving and inspiring. Here is the link:

Please consider checking out their website and listening to or downloading (all of their music is free) some of their music!


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