The Scriptures truly are remarkable. They are not just the shallow words of mere men that God recommends we peruse now and then. No, the books of the Bible are the divinely inspired words of God almighty. They are the very words of our magnificent and awe-inspiring God, written through the pens men. The process that the every book of the Bible goes through before being added to the Canon of scriptures is also incredible. Every book of the Bible was tested and held against the previous books of Scripture (the Canon) that have already been tested. It is held up against the measuring Rod (a rod is an instrument of correction, and for measuring. A shepherd’s crook. It is also an instrument for threshing. A symbol of power and authority) of the previous books and closely examined to see if it stands up the high standard. And if it passes the rigorous test then it is then included in the Canon of Scripture and can then be used to test and measure. It becomes the measuring Rod of righteousness, the final judge of truth, the teacher and instructor of life, the source of our hope, comfort, it directs and corrects our life, and it becomes the ultimate law and judgment on all matters.

For Jesus to be the one true Messiah He had to be tested against the Canon of Scripture. He was measured against an impossible test. Christ had to fulfill an astounding list of incredibly detailed and complicated prophecies:

  • He had to prove the Son of God, but at the same time be of the seed of a Woman.
  • He had to be born in Bethlehem.
  • His ministry must commence in Galilee.
  • He had to be sold for thirty pieces of silver and the potter’s field must be purchased with the silver.
  • His bones must not be broken, and He must be pierced.
  • He had to die, and yet be raised from death.
  • Ascend into the heavens and then be seated at the right hand of the Father.

Christ fulfilled every one of these prophecies and many, many more. Christ was measured against the Rod of Scriptures and He passed every test down to the most miniscule and seemingly insignificant.

And since Christ passed the test He is now Canon, He is the measurement of God’s perfect righteousness. He is the Rod. And thus just like Scriptures He has the divine right to rule, control and correct our lives. He is the Rod that measures righteousness, a judge of truth, and the greatest source of hope and comfort. He is the Rod that has budded. Another amazing aspect of Christ is that He is not just the Branch of Israel; He is also the creator of it. He is the root of Israel as well as the branch.

And now that Christ is the Rod of Righteousness we must be measured by Him. And I can assure you that we will be found wanting. We will fail the test. But after we realize that we cannot attain this righteousness we must come to Christ and allow Him to expose the root of our sin. We must allow Christ to uproot it and all the evil fruit that has been produced in our lives. We must come under the rule and authority of the Canon. For just as the Scriptures are useful for profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness so is Christ. We must allow Christ to come within us and construct us into His image. We must allow our lives to become the word made flesh.


One response to “Canon

  • Dad

    It is awesome to see how God is working in your life and brining you into such a deep understanding of Him and His character. It is a joy to see you grow in your faith in Him and His word.

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