A Gospel Primer for Christians

This is without a doubt one of the most simple and yet powerful books I have ever read. It is simple because it is just about the Gospel. Yet powerful because it is ALL about the Gospel.

There are three parts to this potent book.The first section is entitled Reason to Rehearse the Gospel Daily. After we are saved and come to Christ we often times believe that now we need the Gospel. This simply isn’t true. Mr. Vincent goes simply goes through some reasons why as Christians we need to be rehearsing the truths of the Gospel daily to ourselves.

“I am eager to preach the gospel to you who are at Rome.”

-Romans 1:15

Paul said this to the Christians who were in Rome. They were already Christians and yet he was still eager to preach the gospel to them. This is because the Gospel isn’t a one time thing. It is always working on us. Constantly molding us to be more and more like Christ. Mr. Vincent spends about 50 pages on the reasons why we should rehearse the amazing truths of the Gospel to ourselves. This is most likely my favorite part. It is so very powerful.

The second part of A Gospel Primer is A Gospel Narrative (prose version). This is the smallest section of the book. But also just as powerful. It goes through 41 points of the Gospel. Most of which are directly referenced to scripture.

The third part of Mr. Vincent’s book is the poetic version of A Gospel Narrative. This is basically the same as the section before, except in a poetic version (obviously). It is also a little more detailed in what the Gospel purchased for us. And it is just as soaked in scripture as the rest of the book. You can clearly tell that Mr. Vincent spent an extensive amount of time in prayer and study before writing this book.

This small book has massively impacted my life and the way I view the Gospel. And will be used in my personal devotions for years to come. I would recommend that every Christian buy and read this book!


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